Tell Us: Do you think you are Being Trapped by Google?

Google has become an essential part of our online lives. Gmail, Google Docs, Search Engine, Feed Reader, Maps, Google Earth, YouTube and What Not?

I am not doubting the ease this single company has brought to our lives, but at the same ever you thought that Google stores all the activities you do on internet, for instance, what searches you did, emails you send, your mobile number and much much more – there is a huge list we can make. For a sneak peak, find out what information Google stores about you by clicking this link:

There are good chances that Google knows that you are looking for admission in a medical college in Abbotabad, or maybe it knows well that you are preparing a research report on a particular topic for your degree project or even it may know your medical history as well.

Instead of commenting further – we want to hear from you in comments, and question is

“Ever you thought that Google knows too much about you? If not, are you thinking the same now? What’s in your mind – say it” (Silent Readers are also requested for input)

Expect a follow up post on the same topic – but first, we want to listen you.