WordPress Plugin for Authorize.net ec-authorize-net

Recurring Payment option is now available.
Please send us an email at sftranna@gmail.com to get your copy of pro version.

For Recurring payments

Remove the old WordPress plugin for Authorize.net and Install this plugin with the name “eCaroBar Authorize.net_arb”

Use the shortcode [authorize_net_arb] in your post for the recurring form.
and test the recurring feature. all the listing will be displayed in your admin panel.

(Old) short codes for the simple payment form are still valid like
[authorize_net amount=56] [authorize_net] [authorize_net custom_amount=true]

For Conventional Payment Form

Please follow these easy steps to use “EC Authorize.net”.

  • You should first create an account at authorize.net
  • download and activate the plugin.
  • Please fill in the details in the admin panel that’s is accessible through “EC Authorize.net” please have a look at first screen short at https://wordpress.org/plugins/ec-authorizenet/screenshots/.
  • After that you can simply use it through a shortcode in your pages/posts. like [authorize_net] or [authorize_net amount=56] where “56” is the fixed amount you wanted to charge.

Please feel free to post extra features you need or any bug.